About Us


Ray and Lyn Wood have been married for 35 years, we have 2 children Christopher and Louise, a very spoilt grandson Jack and a dog Esther. 
When our children were young we visited Florida many time and could never wait until the next trip so much so that in 2000 we bought our first home in Poinciana.
If only we had known how much the place would become involved in our lives and what a love affair we would have with the place.
In 2005 we sold the first home and bought in a prime location area of Bridgewater Crossing and have never looked back we have meet some wonderful people made good friends with our neighbours and are involved in the community as much as possible.​
We  wanted a home that we could rent which was unlike the normal 1 cup and 1 plate for each person  hope we have achieved our goal with this home. 



Orlando is a place you can visit and visit each time something new but there is just so much to do that the time will just fly by.